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Club Information


If you are a club who has signed up to put on a World Cup Family Day – THANK YOU! We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of you who are going to be putting on events and engaging with your local communities. Read on for some tips on how to make your Family Day as successful as possible.


PCA England Masters – 9th June

After an incredibly competitive application process, a huge congratulations go to Leigh Cricket Club, who will host the PCA England Masters match on 9th June.

For more information, or to book tickets, click here.


What is a Cricket World Cup family day?

This opportunity is open to all clubs, all centres, all communities – and it’s easy to get your local audience involved. Nearly 3,000 clubs have signed up to run a day or weekend of family-based activities across 7 - 9 June to better connect with the local community and engage the younger generation. The aim of these Family Days is to get more kids involved in the game and to help clubs showcase themselves to a wider audience.


How can you promote your event?

The Cricket World Cup Clubs programme launched to the public on Wednesday 15th May – it is now up to you to promote your event to your community and get them involved! Hopefully, you’ll have seen the ECB piece and Michael Vaughan, Ebony Rainford-Brent and Phil Tufnell using #CWC19Clubs on Twitter.

We’d recommend communicating with local schools who may have embraced the Cricket World Cup – parents and children will be keen to watch the games – get them down to your club!

To help you, we’ve provided a full Marketing Guide, with tips and solutions for promoting your event. Your club Champion will also have received a link to your Asset Hub. Download, personalise and share the assets all over your social media channels!

If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us on


Key things to remember for your event…

Dress rehearsal?

Do you want to make sure you know everything will run smoothly on the day? Why not carry out a dress rehearsal – make sure your catering facilities are on top of the game and your digital offerings all work! Better to go into the day fully prepared than unsure as to what to expect!

Food and Drink

Have you made a plan for catering for your attendees? Have you thought about how you’re going to source and prepare your food and drink?

We’d suggest looking for local providers and asking them to get involved in the day – it’ll help boost local business and further promote your community!

Capturing the Spectacle

We would absolutely love it if you’re able to capture the colour, vibrancy, fun, opportunity and excitement of your Family Day.

Have you thought about how you could go about doing this? Throughout the weekend, we’re encouraging everyone to take photos and videos, sharing your experience with us through the hashtag #CWC19Clubs

Club connection

The idea behind the Cricket World Cup Clubs programme is to help create and expand local cricketing communities through the excitement of the tournament. How are you going to help continue to bring a young, local audience to your club?

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for some thoughts from us on how you can go about doing this.



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