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If you are a club who signed up and put on a World Cup Family Day – THANK YOU! We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of you who put on events and engaged with your local communities. Read on for some tips on how to celebrate the tournament and help contribute to its legacy through the Cricket World Cup Party programme. If you opened your doors on Sunday 14th July to celebrate the Cricket World Cup Final, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 


With Eoin Morgan and his men taking home an epic World Cup Final win against New Zealand on Sunday 14th July, the time has come to get your plans in order to capitalise on our success! How did you celebrate on Sunday 14th July? It would be amazing to see as many of you as possible continuing to put on cricketing events aimed at youngsters, to help us inspire a generation.


About the Cricket World Cup Party programme...

The idea behind the Cricket World Cup Party programme is to help create and expand local and young cricketing communities through the continued celebration of the tournament. How are you going to help continue to bring a young, diverse audience to your club? The Cricket World Cup Final on Sunday 14th July was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of the England Team and bring the excitement of a major Final to your local, younger generation.

As well as showing the World Cup Final, we want you to help provide kids inspired by the Cricket World Cup a chance to continue to take part in some form of cricket throughout the summer. Just because school is coming to an end, it doesn't mean cricket has to!

Some ways in which you can do this are as follows:

  • Support the promotion of summer camps and ongoing coaching and training
  • Run small-scale festivals and summer leagues
  • Continue with junior activity throughout August and into September - keep the local children engaged!
  • Run All Stars Cricket taster sessions 

Keep an eye out over the next week or so for some thoughts from us on how you can go about capitalising on the success of the World Cup. 


Key things to remember…

Dress rehearsal?

Hopefully your World Cup Family Day will have acted as a dress rehearsal for any events you run at your club throughout the season – you'll have made sure your catering facilities are on top of the game and your digital offerings all work! 

Food and Drink

How did everything go with your food and drink capabilities on your Family Day? Would you repeat this again or do something differently?

As before, we'd suggest looking for local providers and asking them to get involved in your celebrations – it’ll help boost local business and further promote your community!

Capturing the Spectacle

We have been so impressed by the amount of you sharing the success of your Family Days on social media and into our inbox. We would absolutely love it if you’re able to continue to capture the colour, vibrancy, fun, opportunity and excitement of your World Cup Parties and celebrations.

Have you thought about how you could go about doing this? Throughout the summer, we’re encouraging everyone to take photos and videos, sharing your experience with us through the hashtag #CWC19Clubs


How can you promote your celebration?

The Cricket World Cup Clubs programme launched to the public on Wednesday 15th May – so many of you have run successful and engaging events this summer! Hopefully, you’ll have seen the ECB piece and Michael Vaughan, Ebony Rainford-Brent and Phil Tufnell using #CWC19Clubs on Twitter.

We'd love you to continue to do so on social media - we'll be releasing a load of new assets for you in the coming weeks to help you promote any new events you have got going on at your club.

With the emphasis on capturing the attention of the younger generation, we'd recommend communicating with local schools who may have embraced the Cricket World Cup – parents and children will have been inspired by the tournament; let them know what you have on offer at your club this summer!

To help you, we’ve provided a full Marketing Guide, with tips and solutions for promoting your celebration. Your club Champion will also have received a link to your Asset Hub. Download, personalise and share the assets all over your social media channels!

If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us on



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