Cricket World Cup Club Family Day FAQs


Why should my club run a Family Day?

  • Celebrate what the club has to offer
  • Bring more people to the cricket club – increase revenue, raise awareness of the club, grow club membership, connect existing club members and their families & friends
  • Get involved and be a part of the Cricket World Cup


When should we host our Family Day(s)?

  • Whenever you like! We’d recommend the weekend of the 7 – 9 of June as this is when we’ll focus a lot of our marketing however you can hold it across any weekend throughout the World Cup
  • The World Cup 2019 runs from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019


What should we do to make it a success?

  • You’ll need to make sure people are aware of the event and what it will give them
  • The event is shaped by the people who are going to be attending it
  • Opportunities are maximised to bring in people, recruit volunteers and increase revenue


What could it involve?

  • Showcase playing opportunities – T20 (current v past or parents v children), Women’s and Girls’ Soft Ball Cricket, Vitality U19 Club T20, junior cricket activities (including All Stars) – matches and coaching etc
  • Food and drink – from different cultures at the club, BBQ, beer festival, ice cream van, fish and chip van etc
  • Multi-media feeds – show Wold Cup games live on TV
  • Broader community engagement – other local sports clubs, crafts and businesses
  • Children’s activities – face-painting, bouncy castle, clowns etc


We have a general question about the Cricket World Cup Club programme that's not covered in the FAQs or elsewhere on the website – what do we do?

Email worldcupclubs@ecb.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP.


Club Fund FAQs

What is the offer?

Affiliated clubs can apply for a fixed grant of £1,000 for projects to digitise their club or improve their catering provision to support their involvement in the Cricket World Cup 2019 events programme. Projects must range from £1,000 to £10,000 - this range allows for meaningful projects that can be feasibly delivered in advance of the Cricket World Cup.


What should we do if we are unsure if our project is eligible?

Email clubfund2019@ecb.co.uk with a description of your project and a request to review. We’ll get back to you quickly with advice.


Which clubs are eligible?

To be eligible, clubs will need the following:

  • To be affiliated to ECB via their County Cricket Board (CCB) in 2019
  • To be registered to the Cricket World Cup Club Programme
  • A Constitution
  • Valid Buildings, Contents & Public Liability Insurance
  • Security of Tenure – Leasehold, Freehold or Rental Agreement (minimum of one year)


What is Security of Tenure?

It is the right to occupy your ground on an ongoing basis and the ability to make changes to your environment – if you own the ground this is straightforward but if you have a lease or rental agreement you may need to check the terms of this.


How do we affiliate?

Contact your local County Cricket Board for details of the process in 2019. Your club secretary will usually know the details (often this is through a direct process with the CCB but in some instances you may affiliate through your league).


How should we develop a project plan for our application?

We encourage you to think on a broad basis as you develop their project. The best way to do this is to consider this as a club committee or project sub-group not just as an individual. You are best placed to know what your club needs, but some questions to consider may include:

  • What events might you be able to hold with enhanced catering?
  • What will make adoption of play-cricket scorer easier for you?
  • What additional revenue streams could be developed from a project?
  • How will this project help you in the future – for example in hosting events to show cricket matches?


How would we go about sourcing broadband/WiFi?

There are a number of broadband suppliers to small businesses (the category a club would fall into) and you can compare prices online in a similar way to domestic broadband. You may want to take advice (if you don’t have someone in your club with expertise in this area) from an IT supplier about installing and managing WiFi access points.

Some key things to think about that are slightly different to a domestic situation are about are:

  • Making sure that WiFi reaches your scoring location
  • Managing bandwidth in social areas may require specific settings
  • Ensure you are setup with appropriate cyber-security and Local Area Networks, particularly if you are planning to install a digital payment system (such as ‘chip and pin’)


Can we split the £1,000 across both Digitise and Catering projects?

The short answer is no. We ask clubs to focus around one project theme and think about how this funding can have a meaningful impact on the club, rather than just what you might spend £1,000 on. From running similar schemes in the past, we know that most clubs will develop a project around one theme with a value that greatly exceeds the £1,000 grant (with ‘partnership funding’ coming from the club, other grants, an ECB interest free loan or ‘in kind’ support).




How many clubs can access the fund?

We are able to fund at least the first 2,350 eligible affiliated clubs with a successful application. The volume of applications will be reviewed throughout the application window.


We have a question about the club Fund not covered by the FAQs, the Guidance Notes, or the Application Form – what do we do?

Email clubfund2019@ecb.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP.

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