Cricket World Cup Parties

Cricket World Cup Parties


Through our aim to engage 1 million kids over the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019, we invited clubs across the country to become a Cricket World Cup Club and 'be part of the World's Greatest Cricket Celebration!' Nearly 3,000 clubs and communities across the country ran a World Cup Family Day across the tournament, engaging a new, young audience through the excitement of the Cricket World Cup. We're moving on from the England Men's World Cup win by celebrating the World Cup through our CWC Parties. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks, as there's plenty to get excited about!


How can you get involved?

With almost 3,000 clubs and communities putting on Family Days across the tournament, we hope you were able to attend an event and experience the excitement of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup. However, the excitement for you and your children shouldn't end there.

Numerous clubs around the country will continue to offer formats of cricket for your youngster to get involved in.

Simply put, all you need to do is reach out to your local clubs and find out what is going on, then turn up on the day and enjoy yourself!

If you’re unsure where your local clubs are, the ECB Club Finder tool should be a great place to start. Type in your postcode and a full list of your local clubs will be shown to you. If you get in touch with these local clubs, you’ll be able to find an event near you! You’ll also see #CWC19Clubs being used on social media, as well as a large amount of local promotion.


What can I expect?

Cricket World Cup Parties will take many forms, but what you can expect is to be able to watch live cricket (there's an Ashes series on its way), alongside a host of cricket for kids and family-based activities. These activities may include:

  • Kids coaching and/or taster sessions
  • Parent/child matches
  • ‘Bring a Friend’ days at All Stars Centres
  • Women's and Girls Soft Ball Cricket
  • Bouncy castles, face painting, clowns etc.
  • BBQs and Bake Offs
  • Trivia nights and discos
  • ‘Dads v Lads’ matches
  • Under 25s vs Over 25s matches

The list goes on…

Do you want to celebrate the success of the Cricket World Cup in your local community? Then get yourself down to a CWC Party and be part of the ‘World’s Greatest Cricket Celebration’.


All Stars Cricket 'Have-a-Go' Sessions


With such a huge summer of cricket underway, we want as many kids as possible to get out there and give cricket a go. With the school term almost at an end, we think it's vital that your kids will still have the opportunity to get involved and grow their love for the game.

'All Stars Cricket Have-A-Go' is a free taster session of our popular All Stars Cricket programme, designed to give children aged five to eight a great first experience with cricket. The sessions will be action-packed with plenty of fun games and activities to test out new skills like batting, bowling and catching!

With over 150 sessions across the country there are plenty of opportunities to ‘Have-a-Go’! Click here to find a session close to you!



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